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What exactly is Accounts Receivable Financing?
Accounts Receivable (also referred to as A/R) financing enables businesses to sell all or part of their current A/R to a financial institution, in exchange for an immediate advance that provides cash to cover invoices. This type of funding is critical for many firms to manage their cash flow, meet current obligations and promote growth.

What are the specific advantages of A/R financing?
Using your A/R as collateral for immediate cash flow helps you manage your business; pay your employees, temporaries and related taxes; and meet other operational expenses. This can also be a means of minimizing your credit exposure, by controlling credit limits on existing customers.

What is the advantage of using Eagle Financial as my A/R partner?
Eagle Financial is a proud member of the Cornerstone Community Bank.  As such, Eagle is Rock Solid and specializes in working with independent staffing firms nationwide. You can rest assured we will be there with the necessary funds when you need financing.

Am I required to finance all my A/R with Eagle?
No.  Eagle allows you the flexibility to finance what you need on a regular basis to manage your business and cash flow.

Is A/R financing the best way to go?
In Eagle’s opinion, Yes.  A/R financing is a critical component in the success of many staffing firms since you have much more flexibility and are not confined by the numerous and restrictive covenants of other lenders’ programs.

Can I finance Government receivables with Eagle?
YES.  Eagle Financial is more than happy to fund government receivables!

Will I give up any equity in my business by using Eagle’s A/R financing?

No. You will always maintain 100% ownership and equity of your business.

What is needed to start the application process with Eagle Financial?
Simply click on the “GETTING STARTED” tab and it will direct you to our easy, step-by-step process to get things moving.   Should you have any questions along the way, feel free to give us a call.

If my need is urgent and I need financing now, how long does Eagle’s process take?
Eagle Financial is proud of its ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently to meet our prospects’ funding needs in the most expeditious way possible. Once we receive the required information, we can react in days, not weeks or months.


Selecting “Eagle Financial, Inc.” has truly been one of our better decisons.  Mr. Walters and his team not only render us quality and prompt service, they are a pleasure to work with.  For any business looking for an outstanding company as their funding source, we highly recommend “Eagle Financial”.

–Marvin Bright, II, President, Bright Services, In.

Eagle Financial has been a lifesaver for us. A lot of our customers string us out 60-90 days, and that is a killer on cash flow. Their staff is very friendly, helpful and easy to work with. I have recommended Eagle to lots of my business friends.

- Larry Grant, Blow Pipe

Doing business with Eagle Financial is easy and even puts my mind at ease knowing I have my very own credit department and receivables manager in the event we have an overdue invoice. After I started the program I do not see how my business was making it without the help from the staff and programs of Eagle Financial.

- Kevin Edmundson, AAAA Inc

Eagle Financial has been an invaluable asset to our company. The financial flexibility they provide has allowed us to grow and prosper in a competitive industry. I would highly recommend their services to any company in need of A/R Finance.

- Michael Norton, Norton Inc

Hats off to Eagle Financial for 2 wonderful years of partnering together. Without you we would not be in business today. Thank you for the great service you have provided for us and for the lasting relationships we have built.

- Audrey, Tomco Specialty Mfg | Rossville, GA


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